Modern Cloth Nappies

Up until a short while ago there was no-one that I knew who used cloth nappies for their baby past the first month or so, and most people didnít even use cloth then.  Now I have come across a whole new world of cloth nappies, and I really wish I had known about them sooner.  I could have saved so much money, and I really do love walking past the nappy aisle and ignoring all the disposables in the supermarket.  Cloth nappies are comfy and as easy as disposables to use, and they look pretty groovy too. 

Because I wish I had known about these sooner, I want to tell other people about them.  Whether you use them with your baby is up to you, but you should make an informed decision rather than just doing what youíve done before or what other people you know are doing.

Take a look around my site at some of the info, or go straight to the nappies that are available for sale, but make sure you come back and read a bit of info if this is all new to you.