IMPORTANT:  DON'T USE EWISOFT WEBSITE BUILDER even though it looks from the links above like I currently recommend it. 

I use to recommend it and I really liked it, but it no longer has support and even though I have my serial number, it no longer lets me enter it, so it treats my site like one created with the free version of the software.  I'm not angry about it (although a little disappointed).  It is a very long time since I bought the software so fair enough.  I just don't want anyone to click the link in the menu to the website software and think that I put that there and recommend it.  I didn't.  It was automatically added by ewisoft because it wont let me add the serial number.  It was great software at the time but is no longer supported.



Many, many years ago, this website use to be a business.  It sold environmentally friendly products, especially cloth nappies.  That business ceased long ago, and now that there are so many wonderful businesses doing that job so well, it wont be reopened.  There are pages here that have been left up for reference.

If you want to get an overview of modern cloth nappies and how they work, please click on the "Nappies" link.  There is also a little info in the "Craft" section and a few recipes is the cookbook.

There's a good chance that some (many?) of the links here don't work any more.  I'll gradually go through all the pages here and update things.  As you can see, the whole site needs an overhaul.  It'll happen some day.