All about Modern Nappies


Modern Nappies are very different to terry or flannelette squares. 

Modern nappies:

  • keep baby's bottom dry
  • don't leak
  • are trim
  • are easy to put on - no folding or pins
  • are easy to wash - no soaking
  • come in a variety of styles, colours, patterns
  • are not terry towelling squares!

They are better on the environment than disposables, better for your wallet, and research is looking into the fact that they might be better for baby's health too.  For links to articles about this, please follow the link on the left to articles.

Now, I really want you to read and absorb all my information pages (the "lessons" below) about modern nappies, but I know that lots of people wont enjoy doing that, and will want to skip straight to the shop pages!  If you already know about about modern nappies then go ahead.  For those who are a little unsure, here is my summary of all the attached pages.  Its a bit brief, but if you want more, the information is in the links that follow.

Here is the brief rundown on using cloth nappies:

  • You need a cover, absorbant inner, and a liner. 
  • All in ones have all of this, nothing else needed.
  • Pocket nappies with a PUL outer and fleece/suedecloth inner have all of this when they are stuffed, so you need the pocket and the stuffing.
  • Fitted nappies are generally just the absorbant inner, and need a liner and a cover.
  • Prefolds are the absorbant inner, and are a modern version of terry flats - being flat but with more layers in the middle - great for newborns particularly.  They need a liner if you want to use one and a cover.
  • The best covers are PUL, Wool or Fleece.
  • You don't need to soak nappies, just put them into a dry bucket with a lid (to stop smells) and then wash them in warm to hot water depending on your preference with about half the normal amount of detergent you would use.

All about Modern Nappies

There is so much you can learn about with using cloth nappies Ė at first it can be a bit overwhelming. This section of the site is my summary of the basics.  Iíll explain terms and fabrics using my own understanding to ensure I donít get to technical, so if anyone spots an error, please let me know!