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Bread making

Bread machines have made it easy for anyone to make their own bread.  You can use the premixes from the supermarket or health food store, or you can make up your own.  You can just set it to go and end up with the loaf entirely baked in the machine, or you can take it out, shape it, and create all sorts of different breads.

Most of the bread recipes here will use your bread machine, at least for part of the process.  You'll also find a complete breadmaking method, so that you can understand the process better, and work out how to change the bread and why things sometimes go wrong. 

I would encourage you to make your bread using the basic ingredients rather than the mixes.  Keep the mixes for some occasions, but by using flour, salt, sugar, water and yeast, you will be able to vary the bread to your own taste, and you are less likely to get bored with the flavour of the packet mixes.  For basic bread recipes for your machine, the best place to look is the instruction book that came with the machine.  These will be in the right quantities for your machine.  And most bread machines come with lots of great recipes.

Refer to your instruction book when using recipes from here too.  You may need to vary the quantities a bit to fit in with the size of your machine.